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“Non Profit & Development Sector Support Services”


Social Impact Consulting offers a variety of services to the Non Profit and Development Sector, tailored to individual and organisational requirements.

Non Profit Organisation

  • Strategic Planning – facilitation of strategic review & planning culminating in a written strategic plan
  • Meeting facilitation – facilitation of outcomes focused multi-stakeholder meetings & forums, including meeting notes
  • Fundraising – Face to face & online Training,  Funding Proposal Review (expert advice on how to improve & tailor your proposals)
  • Donor database – access to over 1,000 SA donors via our database 

Donors & Funding Agencies

  • Proposal review – assessment of funding applications
  • Due diligence organisational assessment – pre-funding due diligence assessment of organisations
  • Project monitoring – monitoring of funded projects
  • Evaluation – assessing results of funded projects and evaluating outcomes

Donor Database 

Our Donor Database lists over 1000 South African Donors that could potentially fund your NPO.

Our Donor Database order form and Information Sheet can be found right at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to order our Donor Database, simply complete the online form and click submit when you are finished. You will be given an option to email a copy of the completed form to yourself as well. This button is right above the “submit” button on the form.

Once we recieve your order form, we will contact you personally for further communication.

Donor Database Order Form

Please complete the form below if you would like to order our Donor Database. You can complete it on the website, simply scroll down using the arrow tool as you move along. We will recieve a notification once you have completed it, and will contact you for further communciation. You can also send yourself a copy of the form, which you can select as an option right at the bottom of the form – above the “submit” button.